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We offer a variety of counseling situations to fit your unique needs.

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Individual Counseling

All of our therapists are trained to work on a one-to-one basis, including with women, men, children and adolescents struggling with a variety of personal issues. Individual therapy helps resolve difficulties such as depression, anxiety, sexual compulsion, relationship problems and anger management. Children and adolescents can be assisted in overcoming emotional and behavioral problems and helped through traumas or learn how to better manage ADD or ADHD.

Couples Counseling

We are specially trained to assist married, engaged and dating couples struggling with a variety of relational problems. For those who are married, couples counseling can help resolve deeply-ingrained relational problems. Couples counseling can help married and pre-married couples who feel "stuck" over some specific issue. Or couples counseling can benefit health couples who simply seek to improve their communication or learn conflict resolution skills.

Family Counseling

Our therapists are specially trained to address the complex needs of today's family in a therapeutic setting. family therapy can be a powerful intervention with great benefits to parents, children, adolescents and/or extended family members. Often, both individual and family therapy sessions are interwoven in order to best meet the needs of a particular family or situation.

Group Counseling

One of our therapists, Ann Keller, offers ongoing group counseling sessions. Often, after a person has resolved problems during the initial stages of treatment, it is recommended to meet in a group with others who have faced a similar life situation. Benefits of group counseling include a reciprocal relationship with others who are dealing with the same struggles. Additionally, the cost of therapy is reduced. The groups, which meet weekly on an ongoing basis, are led by a trained therapist who guides the discussions.

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